Puppies Available!

Golden Romance Gregory Peck


Puppies Born 1/17/19


Puppies come with AKC pet registration,
1-5 year health guarantee,
and an extensive take-home kit. 

We currently have 2 females still available.


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Guardian Home Program

Want one of our puppies/dogs without the large purchase price?


Do you have the time, experience and funds to own & train a puppy/dog?


Willing to following the exact terms of our contract without exception?



SGGR's Guardian Home Program is a new option that we're trying out ... since we like to keep our program small in order to provide our puppies and dogs with individualized attention, we've decided to create a guardian program. 

If approved, you will be able to take one of our puppies/dogs home - free of the purchase price! You will be expected to take care of the pup/dog as if it were your own, but under SGGR's strict guidelines. You will pay for all the costs of owning a dog - ie: food, vet visits, obedience training, etc. This will be your pet, for all intents and purposes. However, SGGR will retain ownership and breeding rights to said dog, until retirement from our breeding program. 

Once the dog is 1 1/2 years old, SGGR will pick up the dog & take for health clearance exams (x-rays for hips/elbows, eye & heart exams) - which should only take a day or two - then return the dog to you. SGGR will pay for the health screenings.


When the dog comes into heat for the 2nd time, we will pick her up & bring her back to SGGR to be bred, whelp, raise and wean puppies. Then, we will bring her back to you! This will happen 1 - 2x per year until the dog is retired from our breeding program.

When we finally retire the dog , SGGR will sign her registration papers over to you, have her spayed (we will pay) and return her to you to be your forever dog!

We are looking for exceptional families to partner with. Desirable traits include (but, are not limited to) plenty of time to exercise, train and play with a new family member, plenty of money to provide premium food & vet care, and tons of love to give! 


Guardian homes must meet & adhere to strict standards, as well as be located within a 50 mile radius of Chattanooga, TN.

We will be taking applications for SGGR's Guardian Home Program beginning May 1, 2019. Interviews will be scheduled for May 18, 2019.

Currently, we have one puppy and one adult dog available for placement. 

Please contact Tracy if you would like to be considered, or for more information: 

423.635.2718, tag3641 @ yahoo.com