Life's Abundance - Best Dog Food

Why am I so concerned about the food you feed?

Because it affects the health of the puppy I worked so hard to raise for you! I am trying to keep your dog safe and free of health issues & cancers. I know Life's Abundance products work. This is a dog food company that cares about how the food is made, what goes into the products, and - most importantly - they haven't killed a dog with any recalled products! Can you put your current dog food's name into a Google search without getting information about a recall? Probably not...

Spun Gold Golden Retrievers exclusively feeds:

Life's Abundance Large Breed Puppy Food


Life's Abundance Grain Free All Life Stages Dog Food

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Why do we recommend Life’s Abundance?

• It was a careful choice on our part to find the best nutrition available.

• Life’s Abundance is a small, private company that still makes food the old 

fashioned way and is formulated by a Holistic Veterinarian.

 • We no longer recommend buying food from commercial stores.
 Too many foods (even top brands) are being recalled every month.

• Life’s Abundance has never been recalled, has everything your dog needs for

“all stages” of their life, ships directly to your door, and is usually cheaper than

anything in the pet store.

• IMHO, it's the best dog food available!


We have always been concerned about the health and well-being of our pets – and we know our customers are too! So, we decided to do some more research on the nutrition we feed our dogs. After an exhaustive amount of research on the subject, we came across an amazing line of pet products. This food is simply the best out there, at any price – and it’s affordable! We immediately  switched our pups and dogs over to this food, and we decided to become involved with the company and the world renowned holistic vet who formulates this food.


     At Life’s Abundance, they direct-ship to the customer, so they GUARANTEE freshness! It’s convenient – you’ll never have to lug around a bag of dog food to your car again. UPS delivers right to your door! They have NEVER had a recall, and they offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. What other food can say that? We urge you to try this food; your pet will LOVE you for it! Just click on the link (above or below) to place your order.


Here is some info about the Life's Abundance company:

     Life's Abundance is a holistic pet food company that has chosen to direct ship our products to the public rather than through the pet stores.  We do this on purpose.  Our product formulator 

is a veterinarian by the name of Dr. Jane Bicks.  She’s a holistic veterinarian and has 30 plus years of expertise in the pet food industry.  She’s worked with a lot of major pet companies in the past, but left them years ago because they went the way of economics rather than better nutrition. Dr. Jane realized that most pet foods get spoiled and damaged by the fact that they are sold through stores.  The industry average for pet foods to sit around is 6 months to a year. So we bypass pet food stores altogether and ship the freshest product in the industry right to people’s homes.  

     Our products are also all natural and all human quality.  Most pet foods are made from what’s been rejected for people.  People like to call their pets their children, but I guarantee they would never feed commercial pet foods to their actual children.  When people discover our products, however, they stick with them for life because they produce genuine results - and we do a good job at educating the customer.  In fact, 70% of our customers are on a regular auto-shipment.

     So, in a nutshell, there really is no other pet food that can come close to what we do.  We’re not 

subject to the dictates of the mass market, so we can do whatever is necessary to provide a safe 

and healthy product.  All of our ingredients are inspected for human quality by the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), and our food is usually never more than six weeks old by the time you get it.  We’ve been in business since 1999 and have never been recalled.  

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We don’t know what you’re feeding now, but we at Spun Gold Golden Retrievers strongly advise that you take a look at Life's Abundance products and give them a try with your pet. We believe in their products so much, that we offer a 5 year written health guarantee to those who keep our pups on this amazing food!