Additional Information

When you purchase a SGGR puppy, this is what you will receive...

  • A well-socialized, hand-raised puppy.
  • 3-day health guarantee for any immediate problems with the puppy.
  • 1-year guarantee on genetic defects.
  • 5-year guarantee extension on genetic defects, as long as you continue feeding Life's Abundance & NuVet Plus.
  • A guarantee on the purebred status of the dog.
  • Breeder’s lifetime commitment to the dog.
  • AKC registration papers (either for a pet or with breeding rights, if applicable).
  • Help and advice over the phone/internet for any problems - for the life of your dog!
  • A valuable, extensive puppy take-home kit.

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We DO NOT charge extra for ICT (Ichthyosis) free or clear puppies. We believe that would be unethical, and consider it price-gouging. It's wrong for a breeder to charge more for a dog that is free of an undesirable genetic defect. 

Early Neurological Stimulation

Super Puppies!

At SGGR, our ultimate goal is to provide our forever families with the best puppies possible. This means introducing our puppies from day 3 to countless sounds, volumes, textures, animals, stimulations, experiences and fun! A well socialized puppy is not only healthier and happier; it makes for the perfect pet!

ENS Training

From research we have included below, along with the results from years of studies by the U.S. Military Canine Program, we know that the interval of time between day 3 and 16 is the most crucial window of time for the rapid development and growth of the neurological system in puppies. For these first few days, these very young puppies’ eyes are closed and they are only able to suck, smell, and crawl. To encourage our puppies neurological growth and development, we follow a program created by the military called “Bio-Sensor” or later termed “Super Puppy” training which, according to studies, will give dogs a superior advantage in life.

Documented Benefits of Early Neurological Stimulation:

Improved cardiovascular performance

Stronger heart beats

Stronger adrenal glands

More tolerance to stress

Greater resistance to disease

Tests proved these “Super Puppies” were found to be more active and more exploratory than non-stimulated puppies. It was also noted that the non-stimulated pups became extremely aroused, whined, and made many errors. The puppies that received ENS were less upset by test conditions. They found the ENS puppies were calmer, made fewer errors and gave only an occasional distress sound when stressed.

From days 3–16, our family performs this neurological stimulation for all of our SGGR puppies. We follow the Bio Sensor Workout, which includes 5 simple exercises for 3-5 seconds each. These exercises will produce neurological stimulations due to small amounts of stress, none of which naturally occur during this early period of life.


Jane Killion's Puppy Culture


Early Training

We have had marvelous results since implementing Jane Killion's Puppy Culture methods - working on rearing, socialization & training the pups from the moment they are born right up through to the day they go to their new, forever homes!

Puppy Culture is a complete program, from breeder to puppy owner. As the breeder, SGGR lays the foundation for emotional stability and learning. Then, the new owner can follow through with the necessary continued training and socialization.

Here's just a sampling of the fun and easy lessons included in Puppy Culture!

For Breeders:

• Early Neurological Stimulation

• Weaning Set Up and Suggestions

• Developmental and Fear Periods

• Harnessing the Enrichment Effect

• Puzzles, Games, and Problem Solving

• Safe Early Socialization

• Emotional Resiliency Exercises

• Anti-Aggression Protocols

• Bomb-Proofing Puppies

For Puppy Owners:

• The Critical Socialization Period

• How To Find a Good Puppy Class

• Vaccination vs. Socialization

• Handling Fear Periods

• Leash Walking, Recall, Crate & Potty Training

• Clickers

• Preventing Common Behavior Problems: Resource Guarding, Separation Anxiety, Biting, & Jumping