Customer Testimonials


Jean Brown

Smart and beautiful puppies. Tracy takes excellent care of them. My vet loved my puppy. They are nice quality and healthy, too. Thanks Tracy!

Jim Stover

I can only echo other reviews—buying our puppy (Maisie) from Tracy was a great experience. She is impressively knowledgeable about Goldens; she loves her dogs and does a wonderful job preparing them (and their new owners) for new homes. After we picked out our puppy when she was four weeks old, we visited once a week, and when we arrived to take Maisie home, Tracy answered all of our questions and gave us a notebook with complete information as well as several books to help us with the experience. She has kept in touch ever since. Maisie is adorable—easy to house train and quick to learn to walk on a leash. I highly recommend Spun Gold Golden Retrievers!

Debbie Young

After researching English Golden Retrievers for 6 months, I found the perfect match for me to purchase our little fur-baby Golden from Teddy and Luna as the parents and Tracy as their owner and caretaker. I could not have had a more positive experience. Tracy loves her dogs so much and takes such good care of them, when they had puppies she exuded the love into all of those little fur-babies. They were very well taken care of physically and mentally. They were so happy and very healthy. My puppy is the best puppy ever! She is sweet, smart, spunky, bold and very well behaved. Beautiful to boot! I waited a long time for this puppy and glad I did! I would not have asked for more. As well, I also saw Snowy and Rolex's puppies at the same time, what awesome, cute and sweet little bundles of joy. You cannot go wrong choosing a puppy from Spun Gold Golden Retrievers.

Leonora Williamson

Buying our puppy Scout from Tracy was an amazing experience! Scout (parents are Teddy and Luna) is wonderful - beautiful, healthy, easy-to-train and friendly. Everywhere we go, she is admired for her beauty and good manners!

Dealing with Tracy before and after adoption has been an absolute pleasure. Tracy clearly loves her puppies and wants to help owners choose the right dog, and then make sure they adjust well to life in their new homes. She provides a binder of information and photos about each dog that quickly became the envy of Scout's doggy daycare - the staff had never seen anything like it! Scout came home microchipped with appropriate food and treats, and - in a gesture that shows how much Tracy cares about her puppies - a blanket from her litter so she had a familiar smell the first few nights home.

Since Scout has been home, Tracy has been at the other end of the phone or email for any questions we've had (and we've had a lot!). From house training to health to grooming, Tracy answers all our questions and continues to play a big role in Scout's life.

I can't say enough good things about Tracy and her dogs - she is a gem of a person and it shows in the dogs she breeds!

Julia Ray

Tracy and I have been friends for quite some time through horses. Therefore, I know what a wonderful person she is, and how much she loves her animals. I also know how knowledgeable she is, and that she is a responsible breeder. I've known for awhile that I wanted another dog, I was just waiting for the right time. I finally convinced my husband - after lots of torment - to let me get a puppy. I could not be happier! Lily is absolutely beautiful, and I couldn't have imagined getting a golden from anyone else. If you are looking for a perfect family dog, I highly recommend Spun Gold Golden Retrievers!

Nicole Miller

We got our sweet puppy Winter from Tracy in Jan. She is a responsible and supportive breeder. The puppies all 16 of them between the 2 litters were just like part of the family. The socialization makes a big difference. Gave us lots of information and support. Highly recommend!

Customer Testimonials


Jenni West

We had a great experience adopting our Alfredo last week. Tracy was communicative, informed and helpful during the whole process. She provided us with so many goodies when we left with our sweet boy... lots of resources on how to raise him well. He is beautiful and sweet, spunky and friendly. We love him. Thanks, Spun Gold Golden Retrievers!

Danielle Taylor

My experience with Tracy and Spun Gold has been excellent! She is a wealth of knowledge on the breed and so giving in her ability to share what she knows. I love the puppy guarantee and I think it's such a responsible breeder. Our boy Cooper, has been such a joy. He was so healthy (mind and body) so I am certain there were many socialization and sensory play sessions. He is smart as a whip. He learned many commands just on the first day and was pretty much half potty trained when we got him. We have had 2 vet visits. One within 3 days of getting him that was recommended by Tracy, and the other today, for shots. Both times, the Vet has been blown away with his disposition, his rate of growth, his hips and frame, and his quick learning. Nothing but raving remarks. I would recommend Spun Gold Golden Retrievers!

Wendy Johnston

After hearing great things about Tracy and Spun Gold Golden Retrievers, we made our decision to get one of their puppies about a year before we got our sweet Maddie. Tracy is so knowledgeable about the breed, kept us up to date on every step of the process from heat, to birth, to adoption, and leaves you with no doubt that you will be getting a healthy puppy. When the breeder sends you home with a "baby book" containing everything including her papers, how to care and train for your puppy and weekly pictures from birth to adoption, you know you are dealing with someone who loves what she does and stands behind her guarantee. I highly recommend Spun Gold Golden Retrievers!

Jimmy Coleman

Great experience and beautiful dogs. Tracy is wonderful to work with. I highly recommend. My puppy Camden has been a wonderful addition to the family. Thank you!

Patti Hellman

Tracy is so compassionate and knowledgeable with Goldens - it's astounding!! She is there to answer questions and to just make you feel more comfortable, especially if its your first pup. So much information and goes through it all with you!! I've already recommended her to two strangers within 24 hours of bringing our little Sam home. :)

Carla Garig

I recently got Charlie, a boy golden, from Spun Gold. He is beautiful, healthy, and has a good temperament. Tracy made sure I had lots of information to be successful as a new puppy owner. She organized all of his puppy information into a binder so I can easily find stuff like when he had his last shots, what food he had been eating (you get a bag of that too), how to register him, etc. If you are thinking about getting a golden, I would recommend Spun Gold!

Customer Testimonials


Angie Glover

Wonderful breeders! Tracy has an amazing heart and love for the puppies and her customers. The experience was wonderful and I would recommend Spun Gold to anyone! We love our Abby girl so much! Thank you!!!

Pam Ransom

Absolutely the best breeder we could have chosen. Tracy is wonderful to work with and loves what she does. Best puppy ever... Well behaved and has been so easy to train...definitely good doggy genes! 

Jennifer Hawkins

We recently adopted Fergie from Spun Gold. Not only did we get an adorable puppy, we got unparalleled service. Tracy walked us through the puppy's progress and the process, from beginning (meaning in utero) to end, and beyond. We were updated on everything developmentally happening with the puppies. We were given a new puppy packet with great information and resources. Tracy still continues to be my go-to resource when I call with my, "Is this common?" questions I have periodically. Tracy genuinely tries to pair the right animal with the right family, so she took some time getting to know us and our lifestyle. I was astounded by the level of involvement and time commitment Tracy personally invested in these animals, between neurological stimulation and training. I highly recommend Spun Gold to anyone looking to getting a Golden.

Chelsea York

Tracy knows just about all there is to know about golden retrievers, and it shows through the puppies' behaviors. We have had Charlee for a week, and she is such a joy to be around. It all stems from the fact that she was raised properly and was given a lot of love and attention before we brought her home. This is easily the best puppy experience we could have hoped for. Also, before we took our baby home, Tracy spent 30-45 minutes giving us advice on what all we needed to do to make sure that Charlee would adjust and be healthy. I cannot say enough how much Tracy cares about these dogs, and she truly is dedicated to learning more about them and the breed. In the future, we will definitely plan on coming back when the time comes! Thank you Tracy!

Amanda Gaines

Great experience! Tracy is very knowledgeable about the breed and cares deeply for her furry family members! I highly recommend this breeder if you are looking to add a Golden Retriever to your family! ☺ 

Victoria Cranmore

We picked up our Daisy Mae from Tracy today. She sat down with me and went over all the things she wanted me to know as well as answered any questions I had. Our puppy is so healthy and happy and we couldn't be more pleased. If you are looking for smart healthy happy golden pups call Tracy!! Thank u again Tracy!!!